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Breakfast Burrito

Ok, the only thing that makes it a breakfast burrito is the fact that it was the first thing I ate this morning. I wouldn't normally write about something so mundane as a burrito made with leftovers, but I'd like to give a shout out to the "tortilla".

I actually use flat bread instead of a tortilla. Specifically Flat Out Carb Down flat bread (found in the deli section of Publix). It's super tasty, moist and malleable and best of all is only one point, plus, BONUS, it has nine grams of fiber!!! These go on sale (buy one get one free) about every month or so!

So all in all, this little gem of morning goodness only cost me 4 points. (Meat = 2, Bread = 1, Sour Cream = 1, Lettuce = 0, Salsa = 0)

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