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Miss Saigon Restaurant

I have to thank my good friend Elaine for introducing me to Vietnamese cuisine. When I was pregnant with my oldest son we had a girls afternoon out on a rainy day and Elaine insisted that we go for Pho soup. She called it the ultimate rainy day comfort food. Oh goodness, she couldn't have imagined the obsession she was about to start!

I've tried many many Vietnamese restaurants in the past few years and, so far, Miss Saigon is my favorite.

Factors contributing to its greatness: Never crowded (but also, never empty), very very reasonably priced (the most expensive entree is less than $8), service is friendly & prompt, it's local (most of the Vietnamese restaurants in central Florida are either downtown or not very good) and, most importantly, the food is consistently very good.

Now, I have to admit that I am a serious creature of habit. I ALWAYS order the same thing. In the past I would vary my orders *slightly* in an effort to be well rounded, but now I don't bother - I know what I like, so it's what I get. My husband, however, will not order the same entree twice!

Today our orders were as follows: April - double order of Pork Skin Summer Rolls (2(d) on the menu) and a large Ha Noi Noodle Soup (Pho Ha Noi) with flank steak (12 on the menu); Wesley: double order of shrimp summer rolls (2(a) on the menu) and the Grilled Pork Chop with with a Fried Egg on Rice (number 51 on the menu).

The food was *as always* aromatic, tasty, filling, inexpensive and wonderful.

Miss Saigon Restaurant
"One Hundred Choices of Vietnamese Cuisine"
12245 University Blvd., Orlando, FL 32817 (407) 306-0840
Mon - Thur 11AM - 9PM & Fri - Sun 11AM - 9PM

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