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Why Are You Even Reading This???

I have ZERO credentials. Wait, that's so not true. I have 29+ years of experience!!! This blarg is solely about FOOD. Well, unless I decide to write on some other subject. But for this very moment (and probably several, if not all, moments to come) it's about food. I love food. I think about food constantly and even more so in the past few months since joining Weight Watchers.

My *plan* at this point is to talk about what I'm eating, what I want to eat, what I plan to eat, what other people eat, where I eat, where you should eat, and so on and so forth. I will make recipe and restaurant recommendations and I will try to provide point values whenever possible. I will, also, always try to snap a picture of the food I'm chatting up (or down...).

I am in no way a chef or foodie, in fact, nearly all of my recipes have several prepackaged ingredients and I am a self-diagnosed fast food junkie. I am a busy Mom and I thrive on tasty, easy, healthy and inexpensive meals.

To start with... here's a picture of my fridge and my trusty George Foreman grill. Yes, they both desperately need cleaning.

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