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I <3 Olive Garden To Go.

Ok, so I was (rightfully) called out by Ms. Montas-Coleman for not keeping this blog up to date. In my defense, though, we've been tight with our pennies lately, I've been slumming it at home (read = microwave meals) and the husband was not thrilled about my pulling out a camera at dinner to snap a photog of my food. But, the world has spoken, and the world loves my blog. So what the world wants, the world shall have. In this case at least.

This is HALF of my Olive Garden ToGo meal from yesterday evening. YUM. They give you so much food and it's so YUM.


  1. I TOTALLY <3 Olive Garden to go... and Carrabbas to go... shoot... most food to go!

  2. haha, i just discovered - haven't tried it yet, but I have a feeling it may make me fat again. :-/


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