Mama Loves Food

It's an orangey kind of day.

Hubs requested more biscuits for the remainder of his Apple Butter. I obliged.

Orange (colored) cupcakes (all the way through!) for our Halloween adventures.

Follow the recipe on Bisquick box. (I added orange food coloring).

Follow the recipe on box of cake mix of your choice. EXCEPT - if box says recipe makes 24 cupcakes, pour into 12! (and so on and so forth...) It will look like your cupcakes are about to spill out and explode, but I assure you, they will not. Bake for the long cooking time (i.e. if the box says bake 19-24min, use the 24 minutes).

I always ice my cupcakes with vanilla or white icing so I can use food coloring to match my 'theme'. I'm much too cheap thrifty to buy sprinkles.


  1. These are incredible! They look like they'd glow in the dark!!! :D


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