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Barbecue Chicken with Vegetarian Baked Beans & Salad.

After a busy weekend with way too much fast food, tonight was a peaceful family dinner. Even Casey enjoyed the chicken and (one bite of) baked beans!


- Lettuce (your favorite type)
- Salad Dressing (your favorite type)
- Salad Fixings, i.e. tomato, croutons, olives, etc. (optional)
- 1 Can Baked Beans (I prefer vegetarian because they're yummy AND healthy, but you choose your favorite type)
- Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs (two per adult, one per child)
- Barbecue Sauce (I use whatever's on sale, but you choose your favorites)


- Coat chicken in barbecue sauce and place on the Foreman (or real grill if you're feeling sassy). Turn once to cook evenly and avoid charring. Reserve some sauce for dipping.

- While chicken is cooking, prepare salad and set aside (not rocket science).

- While chicken is cooking open can of beans and heat in microwave or over stove. Set aside.

- Plate chicken and tell the fam to get their butts to the table.


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