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Grocery Challenge 2010

The Grocery Challenge!

Ok, I said I wasn't going to participate... but it's just not in my blood to pass up a challenge. Especially not a money challenge! So, here's the thing... Erin is having a Back to Basics grocery challenge. You can read all about it here: Back to Basics Challenge

Part of the challenge is to pick a grocery budget and do your best to stick with it. You probably already know I love a good grocery deal, but would you believe I've never actually made a budget?!

So, here goes. I'm going to (attempt to) feed my family of five on a grocery budget not to exceed $125.00 per week. This budget will include dog food, diapers (for three!), toiletries and alcohol. It will not include eating out, take-out or food specifically purchased for parties.

I will keep a running tally of my grocery bills here, on this post. If you would like to do the same, send me a message or comment and I will link up your grocery post. Also, don't forget to link up at Erin's!

Also! I've always kept a haphazard notebook of price comparisons, but this year I will make an effort to keep it organized and more complete. To help me with this, I brought my digital camera on today's trip, so I could quickly snap pictures of the prices rather than standing in the aisles trying to write in my notebook. I'll transfer the price comparisons to my notebook this evening! Want to see? Check out the pictures in my Grocery Challenge Flickr stream.

Don't forget to grab the Grocery Challenge button on the left sidebar if you're joining!
2010 Grocery Spending:
01-01-10: $60.33 (Publix)
01-05-10 $1.14 (Dollar Tree)
01-06-10 $61.72 (Walmart)
Total: $123.19

1-09-10: $34.99 (Target)
1-10-10: $83.31 (Publix)
Total: $118.30

1-15-10 $10.51 (Publix)
1-16-10 $140.00 (Costco)
1-20-10 $10.69 (CVS)
Total: $161.14

1-24-10: $31.30 (Publix)
1-25-10: $34.59 (Target)
1-27-10: $16.31 (Publix)
Total: $82.20

1-29-10: $127.61 (Walmart)
2-3-10: $8.69 (Publix)
Total: $136.30

2-6-10: $125.71 (Costco)
2-6-10: $46.15 (Publix)


  1. Hmm I might have to jump on board. I usually spend about $100 a week for a family of 5. But NO diapers anymore.
    Also it's scary but somehow I have the prices of nearly everything at most stores in my head at all times. It's sad really, because this knowledge is taking up valuable space. Like where the hell I put my bra.

  2. Good luck. I'm joining the challenge too, but I'm very worried about my ability to stay within my budget. We'll see.

  3. PS- I take back all my smack talk about Aldi.
    Cereal for $1.65 a box?? I'm a believer!

  4. That's a great idea to take pictures of the prices.

    Great job on your budget!

  5. Have you heard of e-mealz? It costs $15 for three months. It has each week's dinners planned out based on the weeks sales prices. You choose what type of plan you want (regular, low fat, low carb, family of 2 or 4-6, which is what I recommend so you can have leftovers for lunch) and each week you get the meal plan, with recipes and grocery list and pricing included. Here's an example...

    I love it because I never have to figure out what's for dinner and it did reduce our budget. The $15 fee more than pays for itself in savings, especially if you use coupons.

  6. What a fab idea! Next trip to the store and I am whipping out my camera! ;)


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