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Three Things My Kitchen Would Be Sad Without.

These aren't make or break items, they're not expensive items, heck, they're not even unique items... but I love them and use them and my kitchen is a brighter place thanks to them!
Cooking in the Kitchen
(this is not me. i just liked the picture.)

Pizza Cutter:

Not just for pizza! I use this for everything from cutting sandwiches and waffles, to 'chopping' herbs, to making filet sized cuts from raw chicken breast, to scoring paper. I have three because they are just that useful!

Domed Covered Roasting Pan:

I got mine on sale after Thanksgiving, if I had known the fabulousness of a covered roaster, I would have gladly paid full price BEFORE Thanksgiving. This bad boy cooks things super fast (often in HALF the time) and keeps food super moist. I love it. Love love LOVE it.

Condiment Bottles:

For oil. For vinegar. For curry mustard sauce. For icing. For creamer. For absolutely EVERYTHING.

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