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Rainbow Swirl Sugar Cookies

These Rainbow Swirl Sugar Cookies are so much fun! And, really very simple to make. They were inspired by my ever so popular Cinnamon Roll Sugar Cookies.
Rainbow Swirl Cookies

- Sugar cookie dough (you can make your own, but it's not necessary)
- Vanilla icing (jarred is fine, but instructions for mine are below)
- Food coloring

- Divide icing into however many colors you want to use and color each with food coloring (make sure they're nice and bright!
-Roll out sugar cookie dough into a large rectangle.
- Score lightly so you have as many columns as you have icing colors
- Fill each column with a different color icing. (Use a thin layer, otherwise this will happen when you bake. They will still taste good, but they won't look so hot!)
- Roll up and throw in the freezer for 30 minutes (don't skip this step!)
- Bake according to your sugar cookie recipe.
- Enjoy!!!
Rainbow Swirl Cookies
Rainbow Swirl Cookies
Rainbow Swirl Cookies
Rainbow Swirl Cookies
Rainbow Swirl Cookies
Rainbow Swirl Cookies
Rainbow Swirl Cookies

Mama's Icing Ingredients:
- Butter (salted)
- Milk
- Confectioner's Sugar
- Real vanilla extract

Mama's Icing Directions:
- Mix equal parts melted butter and milk
- Add a dash of vanilla
- Fill a small bowl with powdered sugar
- Pour liquid mixture into powdered sugar until you reach the desired consistency (for this recipe you want the consistency to be about the same as that of canned icing). Be careful, you only need a small amount of liquid.


  1. Those look really cute and really yummy!

  2. These look really easy to make. Thanks for the step by step pictures! I will def be trying these with my girls!


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