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Tips for Making a Great Roast Chicken or Turkey

This is not a recipe for roast chicken or roast turkey, it's not even your basic how-to. This is just a few suggestions from me to you to help make your roast chicken and roast turkey the best it can be!

Tip #1:
Loosen the skin away from the bird's meat and season liberally under the skin. You can use fresh or dried herbs, a favorite rub or even some seasoned salt. My personal favorite is Aunt Cora's Soulful Seasoning. This way you will be seasoning the meat itself, rather than just the skin.

Tip #2:
Season the cavity the same way you're seasoning under the skin. Doing this ensures the meat is seasoned from all sides!

Tip #3:
Stuff the cavity with fruit and veggies - I like to use apple, onion and garlic cloves. This will help steam cook from the inside and also add another depth of flavor.

Tip #4:
Roast the bird breast side down without a rack. This will cook the breast in the bird's juices and keep it moist and tender.

Tip #5:
Cook the bird in a covered roaster. The seal from the covered roaster will steam cook the bird, lessening it's cook time considerably, and helping keep it moist and delicious.

Tip #6:
When the bird is just about finished, take the lid off your roasting pan and turn the broiler on to crisp up the skin. Nothing beats crispy crackly well seasoned skin.

Tip #7:
Save all the bones and bits and pieces not eaten for stock!

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