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Paleo, Whaaaaa???

Okay, so have you heard of the Paleo Diet?  Also call the Cave Man Diet.  No, it's not new.  Been around since the 70's-ish.  (Or, actually, since the time of the cavemen if we're getting all technical).  You're supposed to only eat the things cavemen (or people from the paleolithic period) had available to them.  The theory being that the human body is best suited to these foods - from an evolutionary stance.  I don't know if it's true. I'm no nutritionist or medical doctor.

But I do know a few people who have tried itAnd raved about it.  And it's supposed to be anti-inflammatory. And since I have autoimmune issues, anti-inflammatory is good.   (Actually, as I understand it, anti-inflammatory is good regardless of autoimmune issues. But then, like I said, I'm not a doctor). 

So, I'm giving it a spin.  A thirty day test drive, if you will.  Now there are degrees of Paleo.  Some folks say no dairy, no starchy fruits or vegetables, no nightshades, and even no coffee.  I know if I tried to do this I would fail.  So, I'm going the more moderate route and if at the end of a month I'm up for re-enlisting then I can re-evaluate my terms.  In the mean time, I'm getting my c-reactive protein level checked, I'm stepping on a scale, and I'm (considering) taking body measurements. 

Wonder what I'll be eating?  Well, I'll post new recipes as we go (you know, assuming they're not terrible), but in case you don't want to wait, here are a few Paleo-friendly (or easily adaptable) posts already in the repertoire:

(Yes, I realize not everyone will agree on the Paleoness of all of these!)

So do you follow a diet regimen?

Calorie counting? Atkins? Vegetarian? Gluten Free? Paleo? Moderation? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and stories!

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  1. Well, this is my third week on a diet (on Thursday) and I've lost 11 lb so far. Actually, the diet is very simple. Everyday I have an Svelty yogurt (no fat, Splenda) and a coffee and 3 tbsp popped amaranth (it can be granola too). For a meal I can have the following: 6 oz protein (chicken, fish or only twice a week beef) + fat (2 slices avocado or 1 tsp olive oil) + 2 cups raw veggies (no corn or potato) or 1 cup of cooked veggies + cereal (2 dehidrated tortillas "tostadas" or 1 tortilla or 4 crackets or 3 dehydrated crackets)... and dinner is very variable (3 oz fresh cheese + 1 tomato sauce or 1.6 oz fresh cheese + 3 slices turkey breast ham + 1/3 avocado or 1 water tuna can + 3 tbsp mayo + unlimited pico de gallo + 4 crackets (or previous cereal) or capresse salad but with fresh cheese instead of mozzarella... i guess it's ok, and it's working pretty well =) and i have 2 snacks too, in the morning and in the afternoon: for the afternoon is 5 almonds or 7 peanuts or 3 pecans and in the morning is 1 portion of fruit (1 piece: peach, apple, kiwi, grapefruit; or 1/2 piece: mango, banana; or 2 figs; or 1 cup: cauntilope, watermelon, strawberries).

  2. OH!!! And I forgot to say the following:
    * the 6 oz of protein is cooked, so you wanna weight it cooked, because the meat will loose weight by dehydrating.
    * i can eat 7 splenda meringues! so you might wanna check my recipe at

    I've posted some of the food I'm making under "light Food" =) on my blog

  3. i'm kind of intrigued by this diet you mention of! I'd love to loose 10-15lbs, so maybe I'll go this route for the next month or two. Thanks for introducing me to the "cave man diet"! Good luck on your journey and excited to read what you post about!

  4. I'm gluten free and I've wanted to go Paleo. Just not sure I have the self discipline for it. I'll be anxious to hear how it goes for you!

  5. I did a 60 day Fitness Challenge and followed the Paleo Diet. I wanted to mainly get more toned. I lost 10 lbs, went from 19% body fat to 14% body fat and felt great.
    I have continued to follow the Diet and have one cheat meal a week. I have my family following it, too. I'm a believer!

  6. Honestly, April, this is the easiest way to eat you'll ever find. I never measure anything, I never count calories and I only eat when I'm hungry. If I may make a suggestion, I started with "The Whole 30" elimination diet for the first month, then reintroduced foods to see how they affected me. I am a more "all or nothing" type, though! Lost the 30 lbs in the first 3 months, and haven't gained any back. Still eating the same way, and love my food. No self discipline necessary. Remember a "diet" should be a lifelong eating style, not a temporary thing!

  7. April, LOVE your blog. I was recently diagnosed with RA and was put on a vegan diet. Boooo. I miss meat and especially cheeses. On the up side I'm losing weight, feeling much better and hurting wayyyy less. So I'll be following your experiments closely. Haven't done kale chips yet but after troday, I may have to! TFS!!!

  8. I'm excited to follow your Paleo journey. My brother and my mom are having HUGE success with it and I'm struggling with motivation and determination. I've been sorta doing it but fell off a couple weeks ago. I'm trying to get back on and I need inspiration.


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