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The EPIC Ultimate Foodie Kitchen Gift Guide.

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Confession:  When I'm in a bad mood I don't like to cook.  No, instead I like to be waited on by waiters who ask me what I want and then bring it all hot and ready like.  With a cocktail.  I also like to shop.

But, since we are in the midst of an uber renovation gone wildly over time and budget (hence: bad mood) there's no extra cashola for those things I crave. Instead I've been eating cold cereal and making amazon wish lists out the wazoo.

Which is how this Ultimate Foodie Kitchen Gift Guide came into being.  It's full of awesome stuff. Most of it I have, all of it I want.  So, take a peeksie and go buy something for someone you love.


The Ultimate Foodie Kitchen Gifts for UNDER $10

julienne peeler
Have it.  Love it.  ADORE IT.  Can be seen in use with my Zucchini Noodles.   Also great for home made hash browns, or making vegetables look all fancy like in your salads, soups, or summer rolls.

spider scoop
Don't have it yet.  Want it terribly.  Perfect for scooping hot stuff out of hot stuff.  I know, enlightening, right?  Okay, okay, like eggs from boiling water or Southwestern Eggrolls from hot oil.  It's on my short list of things to buy when a little cash comes my way.

fish turner
Have it!  Perfect for picking up things that are a pain to pick up with smaller utensils.  Wow, I'm super awesome at this descriptive stuff today.  Okay, like chicken from the baking dish or fried eggs from the pan.  Also, fish.  But you probably already guessed that part.

piggy sink strainer
I don't have it, but gosh isn't it cute?  If my new kitchen is ever finished, it's got a home in my sink for sure.

curry powder
This is my absolute favorite curry powder.  Oh, hell.  It's probably my absolute favorite spice.  I use it all the time and think you should too.  Find it in my Curry Noodle Soup, Pumpkin Soup, Curry Grilled Chicken Wings, and Spicy Vegetable Curry!

jumbo silicone muffin cups
Silicone muffin cups are fantastic.  Food comes out with ease - no grease necessary.  I use them for cupcakes and muffins, but also for baked egg cups.  The jumbo ones are perfect for making a bagel sized egg cup!

apple corer and divider
This is probably my overall most used kitchen gadget.  We go through about 15 pounds of apples a week (yes, my kids REALLY like apples) - this bad boy is a major time saver.  Also super helpful for making Slow Cooker Apple Butter!

pyrex measuring cup
I use this measuring cup constantly.  It's great for measuring (duh), heating food, mixing, and storing.  It's pretty much the bomb diggity of measuring cups.

I love a good spatula.  'Nuff said.

knife sharpener
I am terrible about keeping my knives sharp, but this little guy comes in handy when I'm in a pinch and realize I actually do need sharpened knives for the task at hand.  Love how this one sits on the edge of the counter while you use it and that it takes up almost no room in my odds and ends drawer.  Good stuff.


The Ultimate Foodie Kitchen Gifts for $11 - $25

mini ice cream maker
You know I love this.  Dark Chocolate Ice Cream at my beck and call?  Yes, please.  Also great for the kiddos, mine think it's magic!

balsamic vinegar glaze
Mmmmmm... fresh tomatoes and balsamic glaze.  One of my very favorite snacks.  I go through about a bottle of this a month.  It's fantastic.

soup spoon
I don't have these yet, but I'm getting them!  How fun for asian soups or even for appetizers or mini desserts?  Yay!  It's like a little bit of Top Chef in my very own kitchen.

home ec 101 book
Full disclosure: I know the gal that wrote this book.  She's brilliant and the book is a fantastic resource for everything home and kitchen related. Especially perfect for newlyweds and new home owners. Get thee this book. 

medium sized silicone cups
Again with the muffin cups!  But alas, I love them so.  I have these in cherry and they're just lovely.

mini muffin cups
Promise, last muffin cup recommendation.  Aren't they just the cutest, though!

Gone are the days of buying parchment paper!  Hurrah!!!

cookie cutters
Not just for cutting cookies!  We love cookie cutters for cookies, but also sandwich shapes, cheese shapes, brownie shapes.  You know, food stuffs.  Love a good cookie cutter.

kevlar gloves
If you use sharp knives or a mandolin, you need these gloves.  So much better than lopping off the top of a finger.

meat pounder
More often than not I'm lazy and we eat big fat chicken breasts, but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you how much I love a thinly pounded piece of meat breaded and pan fried.  Ohhhhh, chicken parm you call to me.

We got these as a wedding gift about a billion years ago and I still use them constantly.  Get both sizes, you'll thank me for it later.

I never knew how badly I needed this bad boy until I got it.  Perfect for zesting, garnishes, and I personally love it for grating ginger and dark chocolate.

cookie scooper
Mmmmm.... cookies.  I cannot stand dropping cookies off a spoon, I'm terrible at it.  I mean, first world problems I know, but this little guy makes me happy.

Not just for the kitchen!  (kidding!)

kitchen timer
Don't have it, but I can't resist the uber cuteness of a wittle baby owl.  So cute.

wonder woman apron
superman apron

I'm a little bit of an apron fanatic.  I think I need these for Halloween.  And also every other day of the year.


The Ultimate Foodie Kitchen Gifts for $26 - $100

crock pot
If you've been reading this blog for more than 5 minutes, then you know I'm a crockpotting fool.  I have four.  Hah!  This one's awesome because the lid clamps down. 

Don't have it.  Yet. 

paring knives
I dare you to tell me these aren't fantastic.  Dare. You.

Okay, not strictly a cooking/kitchen item, but I read cooking blogs and cookbooks on mine.  Everyone should have a Kindle.  Everyone.

stick blender
If there is any random item that I think EVERY SINGLE KITCHEN NEEDS, it's this one.  Took me forever to bite the bullet and buy it and I've been kicking myself for waiting so long.  This thing has revolutionized my kitchen.  I use it in pretty much all my soups, as well as for making puddings, fresh whipped cream, whipped eggs, butter, seriously, I use it nearly every day.

romertopf clay cooker
Got this as a wedding gift from a dear friend.  Makes the most incredibly moist chicken.  Yum.  So.  Yum. You can see it in my Chicken and Couscous post!

stove shield
Take this from someone who laid their hand on the stove as a small child.  If you have little ones underfoot, please get this.

hand mixer
Another wedding present that I have just used the heck out of.  Can't make a single complaint, love this mixer.

pizza stone
Admittedly, we don't use the pizza stone often, but when I do remember we have it, I think it's great.  Wish my memory was better.  Probably need to find a more conspicuous storage place in the new kitchen!

weber grill
Okay, so turns out this list is mostly stuff we got for our wedding.  And lest you think we're newlyweds and I'm just fawning about all the awesome new stuff I recently got, rest assured, we're about to celebrate our tenth anniversary.  So, needless to say, this stuff's been through it.  I love this grill, and even though we've upgraded to something bigger, we kept the old Weber and still use it for smaller meals and overflow.  Everyone should have a Weber.

cake dome
This isn't the exact item we got for our wedding, but it's similar (don't think the one I have is still out there) - it's so versatile and great for parties.

everyday pan
This is very aptly named.  I use this pan every day.  (Well, nearly).  I actually have two of them because they're so fantastic.

utensil set
P.S. I have a bit of a utensil obsession.

knife block
Another wedding gift!  Love these knives.  They've stood up to ten years of wear and tear and sharpening and are still going strong.

covered roaster
This is the best thing that's happened to Thanksgiving since the turkey was discovered.  

Another luxury item, but it's great for salads and making pickles, and french fries, and when you have to julienne for a crowd. Make sure to get the Kevlar gloves though, please.

50 mm lens
This one's a little out of order, sorry. It goes with the Canon Rebel digital SLR camera that I recommend later down the line (although, can be used with any Canon SLR, I believe).  This is the lens I use to take all my food photography shots and most of the shots of my kids. I adore this lens and especially at such a reasonable price.  

keurig sampler pack
Another cart before the horse.  This one's for the Keurig coffee lover in your life.  I dropped hints for three years before my Keurig magically appeared, and I haven't regretted a single moment of begging and pleading.  I love this machine, so get it for the coffee fanatic in your life and then get them a big ol' sampling pack to try out all the great varieties.

waffle maker
What, what?  It's another wedding present!  I always think of Shrek and Donkey when we pull this bad boy out. "And in the morning?  I'm makin' WAFFLES!"  Indeed.


The Ultimate Foodie Kitchen Gifts - The ‘Spensive Stuff

kindle fire
Okay, I know I already mentioned the kindle above, but this is the fancy pants version.  In color, with internet.  And Angry Birds.  So, if you've got a little extra cash to blow, amp it up baby.

When I first started watching Top Chef and the contestants would scream across the kitchen, "WHO HAS THE VITAMIX?!" I always wondered why the hell they needed vitamins for their cooking.  But, now I know.  Vitamix is the to blenders what KitchenAid is to mixers.  It's a total indulgence (but then, so is this whole list), but it's the best.

sous vide supreme
Another Top Chef discovery.  It grossed me out at first when they would talk about cooking food in a 'water bath' - I mean, I pictured raw chicken cutlets floating in my tub.  Gross. But then I learned more and apparently it cooks the very very best meat ever.  Aunt Tracy just got one and is relentlessly teasing me with her tales of food perfection.  She won't be laughing long though, because I totally intend on stealing it.  Or getting my own.

food processor
I just got this last year and can't believe I waited so long.  Until then I'd been using the mini version and doing small batches.  Which works, but is time consuming.  Also, this bad boy can do so much more than the mini.  I'm in food processing heaven.

cuisinart cookware
We upgraded our cookware a couple years ago (previously had the non-stick stuff but it started wearing and peeling) - this is the set I got (along with the 12" Everyday Pan).  I was worried about moving away from the non-stick and whether it would be difficult to cook with, but I couldn't be happier.  We do keep one non-stick frying pan for eggs, but otherwise we're total converts.

kitchenaid mixer
It wouldn't be a proper foodie gift guide without the revered KitchenAid Stand Mixer.  Once upon a time I had this beautiful beast, but in a brief moment of financial angst we sold it.  I regretted that decision immediately and am counting my pennies to get her back!

chest freezer
We have two, one for raw meat and one for cooked food.  It's a huge money saver.  I think every household should have one.

le creuset cast iron
This was my Christmas gift from Wesley last year.  It was a total surprise (I thought for sure he would finally spring for a Keurig) and it was one of the best surprises ever.  I adore everything about this pot.  Mine's the yellow mustardy colored one.

My beloved Keurig!!!  I was not joking when I said I dropped (very obvious) hints for three years before my husband finally sucked it up and bought this for me.  If you're the only coffee drinker in your house and hate to be bothered making a full pot, then this is SO for you.  It's also great if you and your coffee partner prefer different brews.  To each his own!  Let peace reign!   --- I feel it's worth mentioning though, that I had the mini Keurig at first and was very unhappy with it.  I switched to the Elite model and never looked back.  Good stuff.  Mmmmmm.

canon powershot
I have an older model of this camera and am planning to upgrade.  Takes fantastic pictures and videos and fits neatly in your pocket or purse.  I thought I would just switch to my iphone for everyday snapshots and videos, but turns out I much prefer the Powershot.  Who knew. Every foodie needs a quickie camera for making everyone jealous of what they're chowing on.  And this one has wifi!!! 

canon rebel
This is one of the biggest purchases I have ever made.  It took me over a year to finally buckle down and buy it, but I have been in camera bliss ever since.   It has a video feature, but admittedly, I prefer my Canon Powershot for video (less cumbersome) - this camera is still worth every penny for the still shots. All my food pictures and most of my kiddo pictures are taken with the Canon Rebel.  You won't be disappointed.

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  1. What a great list! I added the waffle maker to my Amazon wish list. I'm not a huge waffle fan, but I do like waffles and ice cream. Plus, why should my kids suffer just because I don't like something normal? Haha

  2. I love this list!! I would replace the kindle with the new Nook but other than that I want everything on this list!!! I will be sending links to this in my Birthday invitations!!

  3. Mmmmmn. Let's see... I have:
    The Pyrex measuring cup, the locking tongs, the 5mm lens, the Canon Rebel T3, the nice slow cooker (diff brand, same features) the Kindle, the KitchenAid handmixer (LOVE. I love it so much in fact, that it's THE item I buy couples for their household showers.) and Heather's book. :-)

    And now I'm drooling over the rest...

  4. What an awesome list! Love it. Might have to show it to anyone thinking of getting me something for gifts.

  5. Thanks for this great list. Some of your favorite things are mine as well. A well equiped kitchen makes cooking so much more fun!

  6. This list is great and super helpful!

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