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Secrets to the ULTIMATE (Paleo) Smoothie!

I have discovered the secrets to the perfect smoothie. That's right, I said perfect smoothie.  And I will stand by that claim!!!  This combination of ingredients makes a deliciously sweet drink with just the right amount of smooth and creamy.  I love these things.  And it's a total bonus that they're paleo compliant and dairy free. Tamper with the ingredients yourself to figure out your favorite flavor combination!

ultimate paleo smoothie


Secrets to the ULTIMATE Smoothie, Ingredients:

  • Bananas, very ripe (one per serving)
  • Coconut milk, full fat (about 1/3 can per serving, my personal favorite is Badia Coconut Milk)
  • Frozen fruit (2 -3 cups per serving, my current personal favorite combination is cherries, pineapple, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries)
  • what NOT to add: juice, sugar, honey, ice, water, vegetables (seriously folks, ew)

Secrets to the ULTIMATE Smoothie, Directions:

  1. It's really important to have a good blender if you're going to make these with any regularity. I've killed several normal blenders with my smoothie addiction.  These days I'm rocking a Ninja, but my ultimate goal is to get a Vitamix.  Woot.
  2. If you have a regular blender, you're going to want to add the soft and liquid ingredients first, then the frozen stuff - HOWEVER, I've learned that with the Ninja, it's better to add the soft/liquid ingredients last.
  3. So put everything in the pitcher and whrrrrrrr!  If necessary, scrape the sides a few times and then enjoy!!!
The Ultimate Paleo Smoothie
The Ultimate Paleo Smoothie
The Ultimate Paleo Smoothie
ultimate paleo smoothie

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