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Whole30, Day 11

Day 11 of the Whole 30 brought a serious boost in energy.  Not only did I go swimming with the kids (as opposed to sitting in the chaise lounge watching them swim), but when hubby said he was going to the gym, I tagged along and did a FULL hour on the elliptical.  I was definitely ready to hop off (crawl off) when the hour was over, but I never felt like I needed to quit early.  This is kind of a big deal, folks.  Yay for energy!!!


Microwaved eggs and black coffee.

Day 11, #Whole30 - breakfast (back coffee & micro eggs)


Leftover ribs, fresh guacamole, and blueberries.

Day 11, #Whole30 - lunch (leftover ribs, fresh guacamole, blueberries, & tangerine seltzer)


Trail mix (coconut chips, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and raisins), and a peach.

Day 11, #Whole30 - snack (trail mix)
Day 11, #Whole30 - snack (peach)


Garlic (clarified) butter baked tilapia, leftover zucchini ribbons, and leftover sauteed mushroom and onions.

Day 11, #Whole30 - dinner (garlic butter baked tilapia, leftover sautéed mushrooms & onions, leftover zucchini ribbons)

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