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Whole30, Day 15

Whole30, Day 15 was a Monday.  Like, a MONDAY.  I had some hardcore cake cravings and seriously considered bathing in a vat of wine.  I'm glad I didn't cave, and rewarding myself with a sweet potato at the end of the day really did the trick.  Honestly, the sweet potato was kind of a last ditch effort before raiding the kids' Chips-Ahoy stash, and I was as amazed as you are (you are amazed, right?) that it killed the urge to cheat.


Bacon, eggs, and grapefruit.

Day 15, #Whole30 - breakfast (eggs, bacon, grapefruit, black coffee)


Leftover steak, sliced avocado.

Day 15, #Whole30 - lunch (leftover steak & avocado)


Leftover salmon, roasted zucchini, and steamed sweet potato with clarified butter.

Day 15, #Whole30 - dinner (leftover salmon, roast zucchini, sweet potato with clarified butter)

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