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Whole30, Day 4

On to day 4 of the Whole 30!  Making progress, folks, making progress!  Honestly, I really expected today to be brutal.  I had an early morning dentist appointment for a new permanent crown (take care of your teeth, people!!!), then a ninety minute drive with the kids to Dino World, then an afternoon in the swampy heat at Dino World, topped off by a ninety minute drive home in what would turn out to be torrential rainstorms during rush hour.

Recipe for disaster, right???  Amazingly, no!  I swigged some coffee before the dentist visit, then whipped up a super quick breakfast for on the road.  At Dino World, I was prepared with a couple of good snack choices (for me the key is having choices - if there's only one thing, I can pretty much guarantee you, I won't want it) then at home I had a (very) late lunch of leftovers, followed by a (very) late (and very quiet) dinner.

The constant hunger seems to have subsided today. I'm thinking maybe I am making a slightly smoother transition this time because I didn't fall off the wagon for too too long.  Or maybe tomorrow will suck.  Who knows.


Microwaved eggs with clarified butter, homemade garlic pickles & cherry tomatoes, and black coffee.

Day 4, #Whole30 - breakfast (micro egg with ghee, homemade pickles with cherry tomatoes, and black coffee)


Walnuts and dried apricots.

Day 4, #Whole30 - snack (walnuts)
Day 4, #Whole30 - snack (dried apricots


Leftover ground pork & veggies with leftover curry sauce.

Day 4, #Whole30 - lunch (leftover ground pork sausage with leftover curry sauce)


Lemon (clarified) butter sauteed cabbage with leftover steak strips, and cherries.

Day 4, #Whole30 - dinner (lemon butter sautéed cabbage with leftover steak strips, and cherries)

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