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Whole30, Day 5

 Day 5 of the Whole 30 is done. Not a whole lot to say about it other than I prepped a whole mess of stand-by protein for the freezer, made some bacon mayonnaise, and a tray of slow roasted tomatoes.  Also finally tracked down coconut aminos (taste just like soy sauce), and coconut vinegar


Coconut chips and black coffee.

Day 5, #Whole30 - breakfast (coconut flakes and black coffee)


Grilled chicken lettuce wrap with cherry tomatoes, balsamic reduction, and bacon mayonnaise.

Day 5, #Whole30 - lunch (chicken lettuce wrap with tomatoes, bacon mayo, and balsamic glaze) 


Dried apricots.

Day 5, #Whole30 - snack (dried apricots)


Grilled chicken, tomatoes and red onions with balsamic vinegar, and fried plantains.

Day 5, #Whole30 - dinner (grilled chicken, fried plantains, and balsamic tomatoes)


Homemade garlic pickles, and grapefruit seltzer water.

Day 5, #Whole30 - snack (garlic pickles)
Day 5, #Whole30 - a little late night bubbly

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