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Whole30, Day 6

Day 6 of the Whole 30 was my first Saturday.  And it was officially hard.  We went out to lunch with family and I botched my order, forgetting to say no sour cream.  I ended up picking out the compliant parts but left cranky and still hungry.  Later we met up with family again and ordered pizza for dinner.  Obviously, I did not partake.  And honestly, the food part wasn't the worst - really what I desperately wanted was a glass of wine.  But I made it through and feel pretty accomplished.  So, that's good.


Chicken breast and oven roasted tomatoes with grapefruit seltzer.

Day 6, #Whole30 - breakfast (roasted chicken breast, slow roasted tomatoes, and grapefruit seltzer)


Steak salad (ate the guac and picked out the steak).

Day 6, #Whole30 - lunch (steak salad. Forgot I say no sour cream. Ended up eating the guacamole & picking out the steak.)


Cherries and coconut chips.

Day 6, #Whole30 - snack (cherries & coconut flakes)


Roasted bone marrow, roasted broccoli, and steamed carrots.

Day 6, #Whole30 - dinner (roasted broccoli, steamed carrots, & roasted bone marrow)

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