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Whole30, Day 9

Yesterday was a pants-size victory, but Whole 30 day 9, brought the first day that I actually felt different.  It's like the bloat is gone.  Or going anyway, but I'm glad to have week 1 behind me and have made it into a pretty comfortable groove.


Leftover roast chicken, apple, and black coffee.

Day 9, #Whole30 - breakfast (leftover roast chicken, apple, black coffee)


Leftover ribs, grapefruit, and cherry seltzer.

Day 9, #Whole30 - lunch (leftover ribs, grapefruit, and cherry seltzer)


Trail mix (raisins, walnuts, sunflower seeds, and coconut chips).

Day 9, #Whole30 - snack (trail mix)


Leftover roast chicken, roast asparagus, tomato and fresh basil salad with balsamic reduction, and bone broth.

Day 9, #Whole30 - dinner (leftover roast chicken, roast asparagus, tomato & fresh basil salad, and bone broth)

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