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Whole30, Day 19

Day 19 of the Whole30 was the Fourth of July!  My kids indulged in one of my favorite holiday treats (bakery cupcakes), and a surprise work issue left me jonesing for wine.  But, I powered through, and ate an amazing USA inspired breakfast and ridiculous amount of chicken wings to make up for it.


Sunny side up eggs, bacon, raspberries, and black coffee.

Day 19, #whole30 - breakfast (bacon, eggs, raspberries, & black coffee)


Chicken and low roasted tomatoes.

Day 19, #whole30 - lunch (chicken thigh & roasted tomato)


Buffalo sauce chicken wings, roasted broccolini, and fruit bowl (watermelon, blueberries, and grapes).

Day 19, #whole30 - dinner (hot wings, roasted broccolini, fruit bowl)


More buffalo sauce chicken wings, and grapes.

Day 18, #whole30 - late night snack (leftover chicken wings & grapes)

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