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Whole30, Day 29

At day 29 of the Whole30, I've settled into a morning routine.  I struggled a bit with the breakfast thing at the beginning of this journey because I'm just not a breakfast eater.  The last thing I want when I first wake up is a giant plate of eggs.  It smells good, but I cannot stomach it.  What works for me though is a piece of fruit (usually banana) and a cup of joe.  If I get hungry before lunch I'll grab a small protein heavy snack to tide me over.


Banana & coffee.

Day 29, #whole30 - breakfast (banana & black coffee)


At Pollo Tropical: roast chicken, balsamic tomatoes, and sweet plantains.

Day 29, #whole30 - lunch (Pollo Tropical, quarter chicken, balsamic tomatoes, & sweet plantains)


Leeks, portabella mushrooms, and tilapia sauteed in garlic butter, and a sweet potato.

Day 29, #whole30 - dinner (leeks & portabella mushroom with Alaskan pollock sautéed in ghee & garlic)
Day 29, #whole30 - rest of dinner (microwaved sweet potato with ghee & salt)

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