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Income and Traffic Report August 2014 - $227.49

So, the invariable one of the first questions I get when people find out I'm a blogger is, "do you really make money???"  And the answer is definitely YES.  Okay, I see you looking a little sideways at the number in my title and thinking, "Really?  That's not exactly a living."  And you're totally right!

I started this blog back in 2008 as a way to keep track of my recipes.  It was never intended to make money, but when opportunities fell into my lap, I surely took advantage of them.  I've had low months where I could barely help put gas in the car, and some fantastic months when I was able to take us on vacation. But with my other job and growing five babies, this site never took priority.  It was always just a nice bonus.

Now that I'm done having babies, I've decided to really buckle down and see what I can make of this. I'm trying to listen to my readers and navigate the world of advertising and sponsoring to get this thing moving again.  And I'm inviting you to the inside track.  I'll show you what I'm earning, what I'm collecting, and how many of you are stopping by.


In August I started researching advertising networks.  An advertising network is a company that hosts the ads you see in my sidebar and/or at the top of the page.  I already used Today's Mama, but their rates were on the low side.  I also use Google Adsense, but they don't don't pay by impression like most networks (i.e. number of pages loaded), instead they pay per click - so the revenue can be spotty.  I decided on The Blogger Network.  They had a lot of good things to say about themselves, so we're going to give them a go.

The other revenue source I already had going was Amazon Affiliates.  It's where I will link to something on Amazon's page and if you buy through that link, I get a (very) small percentage of the sale.  For example, if I talk about my favorite immersion blender, I would use an affiliate link. (p.s. that's an affiliate link).  Affiliate links (for me) tend to be most successful right before Christmas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I'm an open book.  And I'd love to hear your suggestions as well!


AUGUST 2014 - EARNED: $227.49

Money that I earned during this month, but have not necessarily been paid yet.  For example, most advertising companies don't pay until 30 - 90 days after your impressions, and many sponsors don't pay until your post has been live for 30 days.

AUGUST 2014 - COLLECTED: $27.00

Money that actually made it into my pocket this month.

AUGUST 2014 - EXPENSES: $0.00

AUGUST 2014 - TRAFFIC: 59,541

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