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Income and Traffic Report September 2014 - $664.88

This month I worked on cleaning up my site.  Getting rid of dead links and unnecessary side-bar widgets.  Trying to make things look more professional.  I know there is still a lot to do, but I feel like I'm making progress.

I've also decided to discontinue working with Today's Mama.  After seeing the revenues from The Blogger Network (TBN), I can't justify wasting adspace.  I'm not sure why my revenues were so low with them, possibly they're low over the whole network, or possibly my site just wasn't a great fit for their advertisers.  I haven't decided if I will hand that adspace over to TBN or possibly look into diversifying and bringing on another network.

I'm pleased so far with my results from TBN, but most excited about their private Facebook group that has put me in touch with dozens of bloggers I would never have had the opportunity to exchange knowledge with before.  This resource is huge and awesome.  It's also nice that TBN assigns a dedicated account rep to each person so that you have someone specific to seek out with questions or concerns.

Another thing I've started doing is researching and applying for influencer networks.  These are groups and companies that have a pool of highly regarded bloggers with whom they use to leverage campaigns.  For example they might approach ABC Food Co. and say we have 200 bloggers who could write about your snoggin fruit, and promote it on social media - here's the proposed budget.  Then they turn to the bloggers and say, we've negotiated a deal with ABC Food Co. to write about snoggin fruit, if you're interested in the campaign, let us know.  So far I've applied to Social Fabric (also called SoFab or Collective Bias), Izea (formerly called Social Spark), Pollinate, O2O, Clever Girls, Tap Influence, and Massive Sway (via SITS). We'll see how all that goes!

You'll notice an increase in pageviews over the next couple months and while hopefully some of this will be attributable to the work I'm putting in, I do feel the need to disclaim that my heaviest traffic comes in Fall and Winter, because my most popular recipes are soups and stews.

So, that's me for now.  Let me know how you're doing in the comments and if you have any suggestions!


SEPTEMBER 2014 - EARNED: $664.88

Money that I earned during this month, but have not necessarily been paid yet.  For example, most advertising companies don't pay until 30 - 90 days after your impressions, and many sponsors don't pay until your post has been live for 30 days.


Money that actually made it into my pocket this month.


SEPTEMBER 2014 - TRAFFIC: 102,373


Income and Traffic Report August 2014 - $227.49

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