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Win a $10 Gift Card!

Because I love you all, and want to thank my awesome readers for spending the last six (SIX!!!) years with me, I'm going to (try to!) start doing some regular giveaways.  Hosted by me, with my money.  Bear with me a little while I work out the kinks, but if I can get these going smoothly, we'll attempt to do it once a week.  All prizes will be delivered digitally by email, so make sure you type correctly!

This week's prize is a $10 gift card code!  Yay!

Enter with the widget below and hit me up by email or facebook if you run into problems!

$10 Giveaway!

The legal stuff:  Contest is VOID where prohibited.  I reserve the right to cancel this contest at any time and for any reason.  This contest is sponsored by ME with MY money because I think you're awesome.

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I eat up comments!!! Nom nom nom.


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