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Zucchini in Red Sauce.

Zucchini in Red Sauce is one of those recipes I feel silly calling a recipe.  (It's not really a recipe.)  I grew up eating this at my grandmother's house, and never thought twice about it.  But when I made this for my husband, he was astonished.  "Wait?!  This makes zucchini taste REALLY good!"

For the record, I think zucchini pretty much always tastes good.  

Zucchini in Red Sauce, Ingredients:

Zucchini in Red Sauce, Directions:

  1. Bring marinara sauce to a low simmer in a large sauce pan.
  2. Add zucchini and cook covered, on low, approximately 20 minutes or until you reach desired tenderness.
  3. Enjoy with meatballs and garlic knots!

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