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25 Status Updates to Get Your Facebook Audience Engaged!

This is part of my new series on 'How to be a Blogger' - just ignore this one if you're here for the food!
25 Status Updates to Get Your Facebook Audience Engaged

Okay, so we covered why your Facebook page is sucking, and what you can do to fix it, but coming up with engaging statuses can be a pain in the tuchus.  Not to worry, I'm gonna go ahead and spoon feed them to you.  Because, I love you and I want you to succeed.  There's plenty of room on the internet for everyone!

Here's my tried and true list of Facebook status updates that will get people talking.  I'm showing them exactly as they appeared on my page, but feel free to add your own flair!  Also I've linked each one to my actual use of it, so you can check for yourself how well it worked! (For the purposes of perspective, as of this writing, my Facebook page has about 2,500 followers):

  1. Would you rather live on a sprawling farm OR in a fancy high rise???
  2. what was your FIRST pet???
  3. to chocolate or not to chocolate?
  4. The FIRST thing I do in the morning is ___________________
  5. coleslaw OR potato salad???
  6. sex OR chocolate???
  7. macaroni and cheese OR mashed potatoes???
  8. do you play an instrument??? if not, what would you play if you could?
  9. What SUPER POWER do you wish you had?
  10. How do we feel about backyard chickens???
  11. What's one TALENT you wish you had???
  12. would you rather live somewhere that was always COLD or always HOT?
  13. What's worse, LAUNDRY or DISHES???
  14. do you have PETS???
  15. eenie meenie miney _______
  16. How many kids do you have???
  17. What is something random that you would REALLY miss in a post apocalyptic world??? Me? Q-tips.
  18. would you rather work a few days during vacation and get to go longer or have an entirely stress free/work free vacation that's a bit shorter???
  19. BACON - crispy or chewy???
  20. beer OR wine???
  21. If I had $100 to treat myself today, I would __________!!!
  22. would you rather give up CHOCOLATE or BACON???
  23. What STATE do you live in??? (Florida... and perpetual exhaustion)
  24. what's for dinner???
  25. If you could visit anywhere for a week, where would you go???

Now, it's important to remember that this is only one component of the formula to whip your Facebook page into shape.  But it's an important one!  So, go ahead, get to scheduling!  And if you need more inspiration?  Check out these gals who are seriously rocking Facebook:

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