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Why Your Facebook Page Sucks. And What To Do About It.

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How to Increase Facebook Page Engagement

People ask me all the time what my trick is for keeping such high engagement on my Facebook page, and I tell them - be engaging!  It seems like a no-brainer, but over and over again I visit the pages of people who are complaining that "Facebook SUCKS" and "Facebook just doesn't want to show my stuff" - and do you know what I see?  Nothing engaging.  Absolutely nothing inviting the reader to like or respond.  I see a whole lot of self promotion, and occasionally a link to someone else's page, but no special sugar for the readers.


So here are my exceedingly simple tips for making your Facebook page great.  

Be There for Others!

Facebook wants to know you're not just there for own personal gain.  Which, of course you are.  We all are.  But, Facebook doesn't love that.  So, you need to treat your Facebook page like you're chatting with friends.  The best thing I ever did was to abandon my personal page and post almost exclusively on my business page.  So.  If my kid does something cute?  Goes on the page.  If I see a good deal?  Goes on the page.  If I find a find a funny meme? Goes on the page!  People like your page to get to know you.  They want to see the individual behind the brand.  If folks just wanted straight content, they would visit your website.  Facebook is about getting personal.

Let Them Be Heard!

And more than just personal posts, you need posts that look for a response.  People like their opinions to be heard, even if it's something simple like how they cook their eggs.  So, make it a conversation.  Ask your readers questions.  Lots and lots of questions!  Create a dialogue.  When they answer your questions, like their answers and respond again!  This tells Facebook that you're interested in the users and that the users are interested in you.

Stick Around!

Finally, post regularly.  You can't post a few times a week and expect Facebook (or your readers!) to take you seriously.  Figure on posting 5 - 10 times a day (or more!).  One to three questions, one to three pictures (I like to use Instagram), a viral post or video, and one to two promotional posts.  You can schedule posts out so you're not constantly dealing with managing your page, but make sure to sneak the occasional status that gives a peek at what you're doing right that moment.  I find Instagram works great for this!

Want To Know How You're Doing Compared to Others?  

Follow the steps shown below to keep track of how you compare to others in your niche.  I grabbed these screenshots as I was writing tonight, but when I'm really focusing on putting up good content, I have seen my engagement go well over my subscriber number.  It can be done, it just takes time and consistency.  Don't expect your numbers to jump overnight, but give it a few weeks and you'll start to rock!

How to Increase Facebook Page Engagement

How to Increase Facebook Page Engagement

How to Increase Facebook Page Engagement

How to Increase Facebook Page Engagement


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