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51 Lemon Recipes to Brighten Your Day!

A collection of Lemon Recipes to Brighten Your Day - 51 lemon recipes from breakfast to dinner, milkshakes to cocktails!  And of course dessert!  

While I'm sad our "winter" - I have to put that in quotes, because we got a whopping four days of cool weather and not a single freeze.  Boo, Florida.  Boo on you.  Anyway, while I'm sad to see the not-as-hot weather go, I'm super stoked for spring and summer flavors to make their way back.  Especially lemon!  Lemon recipes are so delicious and bright, it's almost impossible to be cranky about the weather when you're enjoying something lemony!

This collection of lemon recipes includes everything from sweet to savory, breakfast to dinner, and milkshakes to cocktails!  You could eat lemon every meal for weeks with this list - YASSSSSS!  Just looking at these gorgeous pictures makes me want to throw on a swimsuit and head to the beach. Tell me - do you love lemon recipes as much as me?  I hope because if so, you're in for a treat with this post!

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  1. Yum! So many delicious recipes in this roundup. I think one of the lemony-pasta dishes will be first up. I'm also having fish this week, and I think those artichokes would be a great side dish. Can't wait!
    (Also--huge fan of the snarky shirts. I love the "late...didn't want to come" shirt. "Namaste in Bed" is my current fave.

    1. yay! thanks for taking the time to comment Katie! <3


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