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How to make GAK Slime with OR without Borax!

How to make GAK with or without Borax!
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I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit that I am not a crafty mom.  I mean, I love crafting.  Even went to college for art initially.  But doing it with my kids is not something I generally find enjoyable.  Maybe it's because I have five and feel like my attention is pulled in every direction, or maybe it's because that's who I am.  Don't know, but it is what it is.  

What I have learned though, is I really enjoy those crafty activities that don't take much (or any!) direction.  Like chalk painting on the side of the house, or beading necklaces.  Activities where I can just give the kids supplies and provide oversight are so much better for my mental health than things that require step by step directions or are supposed to look a specific way when done.  I adore seeing everyone's penguin crafts in the winter, but don't expect to find any in our scrap books.

To that end, I'm excited about this GAK activity!  We do have to follow a few directions, but mostly it's just mixing and playing and being creative without boundaries.  Well, without many boundaries anyway. Below are links to the two GAK recipes we'll be trying live this afternoon (3/31/16 4p EST) on the Mama Loves Food Facebook page as part of the Quirky Mom / Kids Activities Blog - 24 Crafts in 24 Hours Challenge.  I hope you'll join us there!


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