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Summer Cocktails to Make You Forget About the Heat!

These cold and refreshing SUMMER COCKTAILS are sure to help you forget all about the heat this year!

If you follow me on social media (p.s. you should), you know that right now we're smack dab in the middle of an epic road trip from Florida to Colorado.  We're traveling in summer, so naturally expected some heat - but - but - BUT --- we've had record highs in both Oklahoma City and now Boulder.  It hit 100 degrees in Boulder, Colorado today.  ONE HUNDRED DEGREES.  And our hotel has no air conditioning.

Because Colorado doesn't hit 100 degrees.  (Except that it did.  Today.)  Uhhhhhg.  You guys.  If I didn't love Colorado so much, I'd be really miserable right now.  But let's be real.  Even in oppressive heat, there's nothing like this place.  (I love it.  Love love love).  That said.  I've been enjoying a steady stream of frozen cocktails and cold wine to help me forget our travel weather woes.  And I figure, if I'm in need of some cool refreshment, then you probably are too!

So, I gathered up some of my favorite foodie folks and we put together this list of delicious summer inspired cocktails and mocktails.  (Don't worry, you can always add vodka to the mocktails).  

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