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Why Baby Monitors are Awesome Even When You Don't Have Babies

This 'Why Baby Monitors are Awesome Even When You Don't Have Babies' article is a partnered effort with Levana.  We only work with brands we love! #worrylessdomore 

Baby monitors for babies are kind of a no-brainer.  I mean, of course we want to be able to see and hear them when we're not in the room.  Peace of mind is worth so much.  But what I've learned as my kids get older is a good baby monitor will continue to be useful long after your babies don't want to be called baby anymore!

That's my littlest guy.  He just turned three and is majorly cute and frighteningly good at getting into trouble.  He's a big reason I still love baby monitors.

Three Times Baby Monitors are Awesome (even when you don't have babies)!

  • Vacation.  Or, "trips" as my husband calls them. Because vacations are what you do on a beach without children. Hah!  But a good monitor can allow you to reclaim a little slice of vacation mode, even when you're traveling with the brood.  We like to get two hotel rooms and even though we can't let them stay in the second room overnight alone (yet!), with a good monitor, I feel comfortable letting my children have time to themselves to watch a movie or color, while the husband and I do the same in our own room.  And by color I mean *ahem* - watch rated R movies and eat the good food.

  • Playroom.  I'm a huge advocate of independent play.  I don't want to entertain my kids around the clock, and it's not going to serve them well if I do. But if I'm in the room with them, then they expect and want me to participate.  With a video monitor, I'm able to leave the room and let their imaginations run wild, without worrying that they're climbing bookshelves or setting the house on fire. 

  • Illness.  I have 5 kids, and when one gets sick I do everything in my power to isolate them from the rest of the family.  In fact, right now my 8 year old is in quarantine with the pukes.  Uhg.  But I'm able to keep an eye on him and hear if he needs a hand, or new bucket, because we have the monitor!  What I also love about our monitor is that I can talk to them through a speaker on the camera - so, I can keep myself away from those nasty germs too!

The Levana Willow™ 5” HD Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby Monitor is a recently introduced monitor with Pan/Tilt/Zoom, Levana’s 5” high definition touch screen monitor. Willow will quickly become part of the family with 12 hour battery life, temperature sensors, feeding timers, lullabies and an easy to use icon based menu. When your baby is peacefully sleeping, we believe you should be able to do more while worrying less. 

Levana is pioneers in High-Tech Monitors, they launched the first-ever wireless handheld baby video monitor in 2002.  Levana monitors have state-of-the-art features that moms want, including: Invisible LEDs, ClearVu digital wireless technology (proprietary name for secure digital – others can be hacked), Robust battery life that exceeds several days, Higher frame rate, PTZ cameras, First to market with hi-res 4.3” LCD screens, First to market with easy-to-use GUI!

I love these guys.  I'm just not sure I trust them yet.

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