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Nutty Grapes

Pralines, goat cheese, cream cheese and grapes. Wow. I never would have dreamed this combination, but my brother's lovely girlfriend brought it to Thanksgiving and I. Am. Smitten.
Thanksgiving Dinner
- black seedless grapes
- equal parts cream cheese and goat cheese
- a dash of black pepper
- smashed pralines

- Mix together the cheeses and pepper then give each grape a generous coating.
- Roll the cheesy grapes in pralines and pop in the freezer for about thirty minutes.
- Slice the grapes in half and serve!


  1. I was wondering what these were when I saw them on your blog--I've never heard of them! They sound good!

  2. i was very scared by the middle of these when i saw them on your blog. but my goodness, they sound good! :o)


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