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All Purpose All NATURAL Citrus Vinegar Spray

We've been moving slowly and steadily toward living healthier, more natural, and less wasteful lives.  More whole foods, less paper goods, more recycling, less chemicals.  You know the drill.  We're no saints, but I do feel like there's some good headway being made.  

A while back we nixed chemical laden cleaners and since then have primarily used vinegar - but as much as I love vinegar for it's cleaning abilities, the smell just makes my stomach turn.  There's nothing refreshing about walking into a house that reeks of pickle juice.  So when we began composting and learned that you're not supposed to add citrus rinds to the compost pile, I started looking for ways to use our peels.  I mean, after all... we live in Florida, so there's a lot of citrus happening!

My girlfriend told me about her magic All Purpose Citrus Vinegar Spray, and I just had to try it.  While it doesn't smell like the store-bought "citrus" cleaners, it also doesn't (THANKFULLY) smell like straight vinegar.  And it cleans so so SO well.  I am completely in love with this stuff and have been using it like a mad woman.  You know it works when it can power through the bathroom shared by my FOUR BOYS (((gag)))!

All Natural Citrus Vinegar Spray

All Purpose Citrus Vinegar Spray Ingredients:

  • Citrus peels (I'm partial to grapefruit, but we put in whatever's on hand)
  • White vinegar

All Purpose Citrus Vinegar Spray Directions:

  1. Grab a mason jar and stuff it full of citrus peels (I keep my peels in the freezer until they're ready to be used), fill remaining space with white vinegar.
  2. Put a lid on the jar, and sit it in the kitchen window.  Jostle every day or so.
  3. After two weeks, strain and pour into a spray bottle. (I keep my bathroom spray at full strength and my other bottles are diluted 50% with filtered water).
  4. Enjoy your chemical free, kid safe cleaning spray.

All Natural Citrus Vinegar Spray
stuff your peels in!
All Natural Citrus Vinegar Spray
fill to the tippity top with vinegar
All Natural Citrus Vinegar Spray
no, seriously.  alllll the way to the top.
All Natural Citrus Vinegar Spray
"why you not taking pictures of ME, mommy?"
All Natural Citrus Vinegar Spray
steep on the windowsill (it's a good idea to mark the date on the lid)
All Natural Citrus Vinegar Spray
it's ready, freddy!
All Natural Citrus Vinegar Spray
go ahead and give those rinds a good squeeze
All Natural Citrus Vinegar Spray

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