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How to Make Oat Flour.

Oat flour is one of those ingredients that is difficult to find - until you realize it's already sitting in your cupboard!  While recipe testing my Chocolate Toffee Oatmeal Lactation Cookie Bars I decided I wanted to use oat flour rather than whole wheat, but my market didn't carry any.  And lest you tell me to check a Whole Foods - we don't have one. (boohoo).  Not to fret, though!  Turns out, I don't need a fancy schmancy grocery store - just a food processor. Yay!

Make Your Own Oat Flour

How to Make Oat Flour, Ingredients:

  • Old fashioned oats or rolled oats (not quick cooking)

How to Make Oat Flour, Directions:

  1. Put oats in your food processor (I used my mini food processor) and grind until they become a powder.
  2. Store in a sealed container.

Make Your Own Oat Flour
Make Your Own Oat Flour
Make Your Own Oat Flour

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  1. Totally needed to know this! Want to make pancakes with oat floyr I hear they are awesome and now way more affordable!


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