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Whole30, Day 2

Day 2 of the Whole30 was mildly complicated by my husband's man-cold and the baby still not sleeping through the night.  I say mildly because I didn't go off track, but it came close.  I ran out the door for a playdate this morning without breakfast and had to run back in super quick while the kids were idling in the driveway to throw something together.  Then later, I ran to the mall and totally forgot to bring my almonds!  Still no headache, but my tummy's a little rumbly.


Pulled pork, homemade garlic pickles, cherry tomatoes, and an apple.

Day 2, #Whole30 - Late breakfast/early lunch. (overnight crockpot pulled pork, homemade garlic pickles, cherry tomatoes, & an apple)


Applegate grassfed all-beef hot dogs, yellow mustard, and carrots.

 Day 2, lunch - #Whole30. (Applegate grassfed all beef hot dogs, mustard, carrots)


Homemade chicken stock with extra garlic (because, ohhhhh I do not want my kids' colds!)

Day 2, #Whole30 - snack (chicken stock/garlic bone broth)


Leftover broiled steak topped with clarified butter and garlic salt, sauteed mushrooms (with rendered bacon fat, onion and GARLIC), and roasted broccoli.  Don't worry, the plate was small, and I shared with my daughter.  Not that you were judging.  Right?

Day 2, #Whole30 - dinner (leftover broiled steak with clarified butter & garlic salt, sautéed mushrooms, & roasted broccoli)


Handful of walnuts.

Day 2, #Whole30 - bedtime snack (handful of walnuts)

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