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How To Make a Cookie Cake

My little guy is just like his Daddy, so no ordinary cake will do - it must be a COOKIE CAKE! But, as we all know, the bakeries and grocery stores charge an arm and a leg for cookie cakes, so we do them ourselves in this household.

How to Make Your Own Cookie Cake:

1. Get the ingredients and supplies. Today's cake was a two-layer dealy-O, so we have two tubes of chocolate chip cookie dough*, icing**, parchment paper, two pizza tins, food coloring and sandwich bags.

2. Cut parchment paper to fit the bottom of the pizza pans and crumble the cookie dough evenly on each pan.

3. Mush down cookie dough so it is covering the entire pan (it will be a very thin layer).

4. Bake according to package instructions.

4. Create desired icing colors with food coloring.

5. Flip one cookie cake out of pizza pan and onto serving dish (loosen edges with a fork or knife first). Apply a thin layer of icing to cookie cake.

6. Flip second cookie cake out of pizza dish onto a cookie sheet (or other flat surface) and carefully slide onto first (I do not suggest trying to dump second cake directly onto first - this may result in disaster). Put colored icing into sandwich bags (or piping bag if you're fancy schmancy like that), snip the tip and decorate as you will.

* I normally buy store brand, but there was a super good sale on Pillsbury, so it was actually cheaper. Also, you could just make a batch from scratch, but I wasn't feeling quite so Betty Crocker today.

** One can of icing is plenty for this cake, but I really wanted chocolate in the middle.

p.s. Check out Casey and JJ cleaning up in anticipation of the big Part-Tay.


  1. I am so gonna make a cookie cake now!

  2. This is perfect! This is my husbands favorite cake, so this rocks!


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