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Curry Grilled Chicken Wings

We buy our meat in bulk, so wouldn't you know, the rest of those chicken wings have been squawking at me all week. I finally did them a solid and whipped up these (amazing, if I do say so myself) Curry Grilled Chicken Wings.

Curry Wings
Curry Wings

Curry Grilled Chicken Wing Ingredients:

  • 30 chicken wing pieces
  • 1 can coconut milk, 15 ounces
  • 3-4 heaping tablespoons curry powder (I adore Blue Mountain Hot Curry Powder)
  • 1 teaspoon yellow mustard

Curry Grilled Chicken Wing Directions:

  1. Place wings on a greased or parchment lined cookie sheet (or you could use a silicone baking mat), season lightly with salt and pepper and bake at 375 degrees for ten minutes on each side.
  2. While chicken wings are baking, give the remaining ingredients a quick spin in your blender or food processor (or in my case magic bullet).
  3. Toss wings in half of the sauce and then throw on a medium heat grill for an additional five minutes on each side (or you could return them to the oven).
  4. Toss again in the remaining sauce and serve!


  1. what kind of dipping sauce would go well with curry? i usually dip my wings in ranch or blue cheese to cool them down a bit.


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