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Chicken Fried Rice.

This is a second-day dish in our house. Meaning, on the first day I make Clay Cooker Chicken & Brown Rice (just substitute brown rice for the couscous). And on the second day, I use the leftovers to make Chicken Fried Rice. Mmmmmm... It's fantastic!

- Leftover chicken, chopped
- Leftover rice
- Eggs (1-3 depending on how much rice you have left)
- Olive oil
- Soy sauce (to taste, you may not need this if you seasoned it heavily, originally)

Optional Ingredients:
- Diced/minced carrots
- Diced/minced onion
- Diced tomatoes (I use canned)

Directions:- Heat olive oil (enough to coat the bottom of the pan) in a wok or a large skillet.
- If using, add carrots and onion to skillet and cook until tender.
- Add leftover chicken and rice to skillet, and cook until thoroughly heated. Add soy sauce, to taste. Stir often so rice does not burn and stick.
- When rice is hot, crack eggs into pan and stir, slowly, until egg is cooked through.
- Serve!

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