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I-Scream Halloween Ice Cream Floats

Our I-scream Halloween Floats and Hallow-rita recipes were developed in partnership with Mirum Shopper.  All recipes and opinions are my own!  Please remember you must be 21 or over to enjoy alcoholic beverages. #BootasticHalloween

Tis the season of delicious food, and we get to kick it off with the most whimsical holiday of them all - Halloween!  I love making themed recipes for Halloween and of course my kids appreciate it too. Most recently we prepared these super fun I-Scream Halloween Floats which are simultaneously reminiscent of a jack-o-lantern and a boiling over cauldron.  So fun!  And why should the kids have all the fun?  Well, they shouldn't!  So we also made a batch of Hallo-ritas for the adults. Yay!

My kids thought it was hilarious to have skewered "rotten fish" and "zombies" (Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids), in their drinks.  We also pretended the sprinkles were witches dust and the foam obviously meant this was some supernatural concoction.  It was fun to go around the table and guess what the magical properties of the drink would do to us.

For mom and dad we mad Hallow-ritas, a play on my all time favorite drink, the margarita.  Instead of lime, we used orange soda (Fanta) to give it a pumpkin and Halloweeny feel.  We also had zombies and piranhas swimming around inside the glass.   Ours were served over ice, but you could totally throw them in the blender for a frozen Hallow-rita!

I-Scream Halloween Ice Cream Floats, Ingredients:

  1. vanilla ice cream
  2. orange soda (we used Fanta)
  3. optional garnishments: gummy candies (we used Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids)

I-Scream Halloween Ice Cream Floats, Directions:

  1. Scoop ice cream into glasses and pour soda over top. 
  2. Garnish with gummies and enjoy!

Adults Only Hallow-rita Cocktails, Ingredients: 

  • 1 ounce grand marnier
  • 1 ounce tequila
  • 6 ounces orange soda (we used Fanta)
  • optional:  gummy candies (we used Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids)

Adults Only Hallow-rita Cocktails, Directions: 

  1. Pour grand marnier, tequila, and orange soda over ice.
  2. Garnish with gummies and enjoy!

We used Fanta, Sour Patch Kids, and Swedish Fish in our Halloween treats!  These awesome drinks would be perfect for your Halloween shin-dig and you can shop for everything you need at your local Kroger store!

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