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Whole30, Day 13

Day 13 of the Whole 30 was another rough one with my parents in town.  The food choices ahhhhhh! I love (love love love) going out to eat, but having to analyze every little thing makes it a bit taxing.  Made it through though, and still enjoying that energy boost!


Walnuts, peach, and black coffee.

Day 13, #Whole30 - breakfast (walnuts, peach, black coffee)


At Salamander's in Winter Springs, steak with an egg on it and a side of veggies.

Day 13, #Whole30 - lunch (steak with an egg on top, and a side of veggies)


Grapefruit and sliced almonds.

Day 13, #Whole30 - snack (grapefruit)
Day 13, #Whole30 - snack (slivered almonds)


Baked salmon, roasted broccoli, and blueberries. 

Day 13, #Whole30 - dinner (broiled salmon, roasted broccoli, and blueberries)

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