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Whole30, Day 17

Sadly, on day 17 of the Whole30, I did not wake up on my own in the morning.  I suffer from occasional bouts of insomnia and last night I didn't nod off until at least 3am.  (At least that's the last time I peeked at the clock).  Hubby came in and roused me around 8:30, and I moaned and groaned a bit wary (terrified) of the long day ahead.  

But thankfully, despite my lack of sleep (and incredibly sore hamstrings from yard work yesterday afternoon), I have not felt tired at all today.  In fact, the kids were quite distressed to find Mom in drill sergeant cleaning mode. If anything, this was my most productive day so far!


Leftover baked chicken, a peach, and black coffee.

Day 17, #whole30 - breakfast (leftover chicken thigh, peach, & black coffee)


Ground beef and low roasted tomatoes.

Day 17, #whole30 - lunch (ground beef & low roasted tomatoes)


Tomato cabbage curry with leftover steak strips.

Day 17, #whole30 - dinner (tomato cabbage curry with leftover steak)



Day 17, #whole30 - bedtime snack (cherries)

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