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Whole30, Day 21

On day 21 of the Whole30 we went to a restaurant and had no trouble ordering and didn't feel like I missed out at all.  I've been hitting the gym on a regular basis and my energy has been good even though the insomnia beast is still haunting me.


Black coffee and grapefruit.

Day 21, #whole30 - breakfast (grapefruit & black coffee)



Day 21, #whole30 - snack (blueberries)


At Chili's - steak fajitas (no cheese, no sour cream, no butter, and no tortillas - extra pico de gallo and extra guacamole).

Day 21, #whole30 - lunch (Chili's steak fajita's - no sour cream, no cheese, no butter, no tortillas, extra pico, extra guac)


Leftover roast chicken, leftover roast carrots, roast asparagus.

Day 21, #whole30 - dinner (roasted asparagus, leftover chicken, and leftover carrots)

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  1. Did you order steak fajitas because you enjoy the taste more than chicken or is the chicken non-compliant with whole30?

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