One Pot Mexican Skillet Bake - Beef and Cheese Cobbler

This One Pot Mexican Skillet Bake - Beef and Cheese Cobbler recipe is the perfect easy clean up meal for your busy nights.  This post is partnered with Taste of Home and Blog Meets Brand.  All opinions belong to Mama Loves Food.  #100FamilyMeals
One Pot Mexican Skillet Bake - Beef and Cheese Cobbler Recipe

Is there anything more glorious than a dish that creates virtually no clean up? Why yes, yes there is.  A recipe that makes no mess AND tastes delicious.  So, hey folks.  Guess what I've got for you today - this incredibly delicious One Pot Mexican Skillet Bake recipe from the Taste of Home 100 Family Meals cookbook.  It's super simple to make, uses one pot and one bowl, and wow.  Wow, wow, wow, delicious.  Savory cheese biscuits over hearty beef and beans - my husband LOVED this one and told me to definitely not give any to the neighbors! Hah!

Have you made any New Year's resolutions?  We didn't make resolutions so much as goals - and one of those being more family meals around the table.  I'm pleased to say that two weeks in, we've been achieving our bench-mark of at least two meals at the table per week.  Exceeding it, in fact!  It's easy to brush off dinner around the table when you're busy and stressed, but every time we do it I'm glad we did.  It's kind of like hitting the gym - you're never sorry after it's over.  

Easy Black Bean Soup Recipe

This Easy Black Bean Soup recipe only uses three ingredients and a couple spices, put it on your menu plan for Taco Tuesday, or Wednesday, or any day that ends in 'Y'! We've partnered with Mirum on this post, and you'll be glad we did!  Opinions are 100% my own. #WinTheCrowdWM
Easy Black Bean Soup Recipe

When I made this soup, my ten year old son, Casey, told me he didn't like black beans and 'no thank you.'  Then he tried it, and I almost didn't have enough left to take pictures.  This Easy Black Bean Soup is so ridiculously simple to make that you won't believe how delicious it is until you make it yourself.  And then you'll be asking yourself why you didn't make a double batch.  But that's okay!  Because it's so easy to make, you can just whip up more!  And I bet you will, too.

Double Chocolate Peppermint Brownies!

Double Chocolate Peppermint Brownies - this recipe is a simple but delicious way to make brownie mix better for your holiday baking!
Double Chocolate Peppermint Brownies Recipe

Quite possibly the only seasonal flavor combination I like as much as pumpkin and spice is peppermint and chocolate.  I hate to see ALL THINGS PUMPKIN season ushered out, but I am in no way sad to have CHOCOLATE PEPPERMINT season snapping at its heels.  I mean, the deep rich velvety flavor of chocolate counterposed with a bright zingy peppermint - it's quite possibly the ultimate holiday flavor combination.  
I made these Double Chocolate Peppermint Brownies to include in our packages of sweet treats that we hand out to neighbors and friends, but my kids begged me to hoard them for ourselves.  I did still give most of the brownies out, but pilfered a few for the kids first.  My six year old couldn't keep his nose out of our box and insisted "I just can't stop smelling how awesome they are!" And as usual, it's just a modified box mix -- because that's how I roll.

Peppermint Candy Cane Dust

Candy Cane Dust (or Peppermint Powder as it's called in our house) is the easiest holiday recipe you'll ever love to make. One ingredient. One step. About fourteen bajillion ways to use it.
Peppermint Candy Cane Dust Peppermint Powder Recipe for Coffee and Desserts

As soon as candy canes are available in stores (seems like October these days!), I make a big batch of this Peppermint Candy Cane Dust.  We love it and I use it on so many things throughout the season. Peppermint is to December as Pumpkin is to October so far as I'm concerned.  And let me tell you, I loooooove me some seasonal flavors.  

How to Make an Easy Christmas Tree Cupcake

These Really Simple Christmas Tree Cupcakes recipe will be the best dessert at your holiday party.  Use our easy method to make Christmas tree cupcake toppers and dazzle your guests!

A few weeks ago I was creeping through Pinterest looking for holiday recipes and kept seeing Christmas tree cupcakes made with ice cream cones.  They're totally cute (totally!), but all I could think was: 1. what a pain to make! and 2. does anyone actually eat the cone?  Isn't that terribly wasteful?  So, I set out to create my own simple (ice cream cone free) Christmas tree cupcake toppers and could not be more pleased with the results!

PB&J Thumbprint Cookies

PB&J Peanut Butter and Jelly Thumbprint Cookies recipe are an easy and delicious dessert that your family and kids will love!
PB&J Thumbprint Cookies - Peanut Butter and Jelly Thumbprint Cookies

Okay, okay you caught me.  They're not actually thumbprint cookies.  I have a weird thing about sticking my thumb into cookie dough.  I just can't. It makes ZERO sense because I'm totally rolling the cookie dough into balls with my hands, but that last step of poking it with my thumb?  Not going to happen.  Go ahead, judge my weirdness.  I totally am.

If you want to use your thumb for these, by all means do, but I used the back of a wooden spoon and it worked just fine. No thumbing necessary.  (I feel weird even typing that).  

But, really.  Let's get on to the important stuff.  These Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies are REALLY REALLY yummy.  My nine year old who is a *total* dessert snob begged for more cookies all afternoon until I finally gave the rest away so I wouldn't have to listen to him (and so I would stop sneaking cookies). I think next time I'll use a little less dough per cookie (my batch made 20 cookies), so I can get more servings out of it.  Also I'll remember to grease the pan.  They came out eventually, but we had a few tense moments.


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