Whole30 - RESULTS!

Whole30 results time!  Woot woot!  So, thirty days of no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sweeteners, and no alcohol.  I thought it would be miserable.  Even though I've done it before (sort-of), I never completely gave up alcohol or dairy.  I still had good results in the past, but this time wanted to see what would happen if I played by the rules.

And, I sure did play by the rules!

  • Was the Whole30 hard?

Well, yes and no.  I missed my glass of wine in the evenings.  For sure.  I didn't miss cheese nearly as much as I expected.  (And considering I'm writing this a week later and STILL haven't had cheese, I guess that's saying something).  

The first week was definitely the most challenging.  Detox wasn't as bad as past times, probably because I never fully reincorporated grains, but I did get sluggish and cranky for a few days.  Once I was over the week one hurdle though, I settled into a comfortable routine.

I like this way of eating because I tend to try new foods and discover things I never knew I liked.  I don't like this way of eating because grab-and-go is not easy.  And with five kids, I grab-and-go a LOT. That said, with some effort, it's adaptable.

  • How do you feel after the Whole30?

After the first week I started to feel really great. Increased energy is my favorite part because I'm not a good sleeper (which I was hoping would be remedied by the W30, but sadly not).  Even when I was only getting an average of 6 hours sleep, I still felt like going to the gym.  And afternoon slump was no longer. Also, the joint pain I had been feeling in my hips is completely gone.  My appetite has decreased substantially as well.  I no longer wake up starving (a cup of coffee and banana are generally plenty for breakfast), and unless I did a really hard workout at the gym, I'm not craving snacks during the day.

  • Did you lose weight on the Whole30?

Yes!!!  I lost a little over nine pounds, and a full pants size.  I took pictures to compare, but I'm not quite ready to show those to the world. Maybe after I get a little farther in my journey!

  • Will you continue with the Whole30 rules?

Yes and no.  Generally speaking I will continue to follow the rules as written for the foreseeable future.  I will worry less about the occasional SWYPO, and may have a glass of red wine here and there after the kids go to bed.  I don't have any immediate plans to reincorporate dairy as originally planned, because I'm just not missing it yet.  Possibly that will change.  I do expect to enjoy a nice somewhat off-plan birthday dinner next week, but not too far off because I don't want to feel crummy in the morning!

  • Okay, You've Convinced Me!  So Where Do I Start?

    • Also, below you'll find a synopsis of each day on my Whole30.  I've included every single thing I ate, with pictures, and links to recipes when applicable (if I missed something, please let me know!).  You'll see that we ate out regularly, and it's actually pretty easy to do (I was worried about this!).

Whole30, Day 30!!!

On day 30 of the Whole30, I spent the day second guessing my math.  How could I possibly be done already???  I didn't even suffer!  The food was good!  I feel awesome!  Quite possibly the fastest 30 days of my life.  I'm nervous about stepping on the scale, although I shouldn't be because the results even without a change in weight are totally worthwhile.  I'm fitting more comfortably in my clothes, I have energy with no afternoon slump, and I feel better overall.  Recharged.  


Watermelon and coffee.

Day 30, #whole30 - breakfast (watermelon & coffee)


Bacon, apple, green bell pepper, and guacamole.

Day 30, #whole30 - lunch (bacon, guacamole, bell pepper, & apple)


Leftover pork chop, baked sweet potato, unsweetened applesauce, homemade pickles, and broccoli.

Day 30, #whole30 - dinner (leftover pork chips, microwaved sweet potato, homemade pickles, leftover broccoli, & unsweetened applesauce)

Whole 30, Day 29

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Whole30, Day 29

At day 29 of the Whole30, I've settled into a morning routine.  I struggled a bit with the breakfast thing at the beginning of this journey because I'm just not a breakfast eater.  The last thing I want when I first wake up is a giant plate of eggs.  It smells good, but I cannot stomach it.  What works for me though is a piece of fruit (usually banana) and a cup of joe.  If I get hungry before lunch I'll grab a small protein heavy snack to tide me over.


Banana & coffee.

Day 29, #whole30 - breakfast (banana & black coffee)


At Pollo Tropical: roast chicken, balsamic tomatoes, and sweet plantains.

Day 29, #whole30 - lunch (Pollo Tropical, quarter chicken, balsamic tomatoes, & sweet plantains)


Leeks, portabella mushrooms, and tilapia sauteed in garlic butter, and a sweet potato.

Day 29, #whole30 - dinner (leeks & portabella mushroom with Alaskan pollock sautéed in ghee & garlic)
Day 29, #whole30 - rest of dinner (microwaved sweet potato with ghee & salt)

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