Simple Yogurt Parfaits

Brighten up breakfast with these Simple Yogurt Parfaits.  Yogurt information and products were provided by General Mills through Linqia for Liberté® Méditerranée, all recipes and opinions are my own. #YogurtPerfection
Simple Yogurt Parfaits

If you're like me, most days breakfast is whatever you can grab as you're dashing out the door.  And sometimes nothing more than a cup of coffee.  It's easy to forget how nice it is to sit down a minute and actually savor your meal.  Well, let this serve as a reminder that even if you don't have a lot of time, it's not terribly difficult to make breakfast a little more enjoyable. 

These Simple Yogurt Parfaits came together in no time at all and can be modified to please just about any palate.  I used a cappuccino yogurt from Liberté® Méditerranée and my peanut butter dark chocolate granola.  But you could use whatever you like!  Maybe lemon yogurt with strawberries and granola, or vanilla with mango slices.  

Sometimes I even serve these for dessert with colorful sprinkles on top.  And to help make someone else's day a little more enjoyable, I'm giving you the chance to win $15!  Enough to buy eighteen yogurts - that's a whole lot of #YogurtPerfection!!! Just scroll down and enter in the widget below!

So Simple Hollandaise Sauce

If you love hollandaise sauce but hate the hassle, you're definitely going to want to pin this So Simple Hollandaise Sauce so you can make it again and again!  
Simplest Hollandaise Sauce Ever

My children can sense when I'm about to do something that takes concentration or precision.  Souffle in the oven?  Let's have an indoor parade!  Threading a needle? How about we all jump up and down until the earth shakes?

It's not just my kids, right?  In any case, it would be futile to try and make hollandaise the traditional way.  And besides all that, who has the time or energy.  Not me.  So this insanely easy hollaindaise sauce skips the whisking and instead uses one of my all time favorite kitchen gadgets, the immersion blender.  You could totally use an counter top blender too, but the stick blender is just so easy.  No muss, no fuss, almost no clean up.  Major win in my book.

Anyhow, regardless of which blender type you use, this hollandaise sauce is fool proof and takes a grand total of about three minutes to whip together. And by whipping, of course, I mean pushing a button because, no.  Just say no to the whisk.

Easy Poached Eggs.

If you're into easy poached eggs like me, you're going to want to pin this hack for later!  Go ahead and impress your friends with the perfect poached egg.
Simple Poached Eggs

I love poached eggs.  Okay, I love most eggs, but especially poached eggs!  I never made them much because they're kind of a pain and I felt like I lost half the egg white every time.  To the husband (and pantry's) chagrin, I started researching poaching pans on Amazon. But then a friend asked if I had tried mason jar rings.  Erm, what?

And that folks, is the secret to the most perfect, insanely simple poached eggs.  Wide mouth mason jar bands.  Of which I already have about four million.  I was seriously about to spend thirty five bucks on something that you can get twelve for four dollars.  I'm digging this hack.  And so is my pantry space.

I've also recently learned how to make hollandaise sauce with a stick blender.  With these two hacks, my waistline may never recover.  And please excuse my kitchen, I'm a bit of a whirlwind.  But isn't cooking more fun that way?  I think so!

Cheesy Garlic Tavern Bread

Go ahead and pin this No Knead Cheesy Garlic Beer Bread recipe for later!  You're going to want to make it again! (and again and again!)  You probably already have the ingredients in your cupboard!
No Knead Cheesy Garlic Beer Bread recipe

Okay, it's BEER BREAD.  Mildly cheesy, garlicky, heavenly, no-knead beer bread.  But in light of being inspired by one of my favorite book series, we're calling it Tavern Bread.  Just sounds so historical and wenchy.  Yeh, I said wenchy.

If you're into olde timey magical romance adventures, you should definitely check out Diana Gabaldon's series, Outlander.  I'm on book seven (of eight!) and am so intensely invested in the characters, it's a little embarrassing.  This bread looks and smells like what I (probably completely inaccurately) imagine one would find in a 1700's tavern.  Of which they visit plenty in the books.  I'm picturing you serving it with a really hearty stew that's been simmering over the fire all day long, and a cold dark stout.  

This bread is so easy to make and doesn't involve any kneading whatsoever (yay!).  And while it's rising, you should totally scroll down and enter the giveaway, then check out the other Outlander inspired recipes by this incredibly talented group of food bloggers.

Strawberry Shortcake Rice Krispies Treats!

This 'Strawberry Shortcake Rice Krispies Treats!' recipe and article was developed for Collective Bias and Rice Krispies.  Mama Loves Food has been compensated for the associated time and work.  All opinions and recipes are mine alone. #KreateMyHappy   #CollectiveBias

Strawberry Shortcake Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Rice Krispies Treats have always been a favorite of mine.  My mother didn't make them growing up, so I was always really excited to see them served at parties and get-togethers.  And you can bet I was super stoked when the individually wrapped packages came out.  Just my type of quick mood lift food!

It's great eating desserts I loved as a child, but I think it's even more fun to dress them up for the adult palate.  We did it recently with s'mores, and now I'm tackling Rice Krispies Treats.  It only takes a couple minutes to go from tasty kid treat to delicious grown-up dessert with these Strawberry Shortcake Rice Krispies Treats.  No oven, no stove, and no cooking skills required - but your friends will be impressed nonetheless!

Apple Teriyaki Salmon with Brussels Sprouts!

This 'Apple Teriyaki Salmon with Brussels Sprouts!' recipe and article was developed for Collective Bias and Sam's Club.  Mama Loves Food has been compensated for the associated time and work.  All opinions and recipes are mine alone. #SamsClubSeafood   #CollectiveBias 
Apple Teriyaki Salmon with Brussels Sprouts

When my oldest son was a toddler he referred to salmon as "pink chicken" - and he loved pink chicken!  In hindsight, people probably thought it was really weird that my kid raved about pink chicken.  I mean, last I checked, there was no such thing as sushi grade poultry.  Ew,  In any case, I always think about that when I buy salmon.

This Apple Teriyaki Salmon with Brussels Sprouts is my version of salmon with fruit salsa.  If you're looking for a more traditional Mango Salsa to serve over your salmon, I'll provide it below. But I'll tell you a secret:  I'm just learning to like fruit with my meat and veggies and I really feel like apple is the gateway fruit.  It just goes so well between sweet and savory and is really delicious.  This dish is especially awesome because it's only 5 ingredients, comes together in just a few minutes, and cooks all in one pot!


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