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Strawberry Peach Ginger Ale Party Punch Recipe!

This easy recipe for fruit punch with ginger ale is the perfect sherbet punch recipe for your next baby shower, wedding shower, summer party, or random Tuesday afternoon!
recipe for fruit punch with ginger ale
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If you love punch recipes with ginger ale, then our Strawberry Peach Ginger Ale Party Punch is just what you need!  It's been served at nearly every holiday party, baby shower, wedding shower, and large gathering in our family for the past decade.  And not because it's a tradition (although we do love tradition) but because it's so (so so so) delicious and refreshing.  This awesome punch recipe is also insanely convenient because the ingredients can all be kept on hand in the pantry or freezer!  Want to make it a little more "grown up" - just add some vodka!  Yum!

punch recipes ginger ale

sherbet punch recipes ginger ale

Orange is a neutral enough color for a baby shower when you don't know the sex of the baby, but if you want to make green punch for baby shower, maybe try adding lime sherbet instead of orange.  I bet it would be absolutely delicious!  Or you could add pink sherbet if you knew it was a girl!

peach punch recipe

If it's hot out, I like to add a little extra scoop of sherbet to my glass when I serve the punch - it's delicious without, but on a scorching summer day, your guests will thank you for that extra sherbet in their fruit punch!

ginger ale punch with white grape juice

I have to credit our good family friend Mary for this awesome punch recipe (featured here on the left) about to make the punch for my sister's wedding shower 5 years ago!). She introduced us to the sherbet punch recipe with ginger ale and we've been slaves to it every since!  And on the right is Danielle, her daughter and my almost-sister, spiking it with vodka.  Because, mmmmmm

recipe for punch with sherbet and ginger ale

punch recipe with ginger ale

Sally (my actual sister) and Danielle have been friends since Kindergarten.  I can't even imagine how much of this punch they've consumed over the last thirty years.  Probably a lot.  Hopefully not all spiked.  Haha! Sherbet punch recipes with ginger ale abound on the internet, but this one with white grape juice and frozen berries is the best.  The besssssssst. 

how to make strawberry punch

Strawberry Peach Ginger Ale Party Punch, Ingredients:

  • 1/2 gallon orange sherbet
  • 16 ounces whole frozen strawberries
  • 16 ounces frozen sliced peaches
  • 64 ounces white grape juice
  • 2 liters ginger ale
  • optional: vodka, to taste

Strawberry Peach Ginger Ale Punch, Directions:

  1. Add ingredients to a large punch bowl in the order listed above.
  2. Stir and break up the sherbet a bit with a large spoon.
  3. Enjoy!

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sherbet and ginger ale punch recipe

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  1. Yes, yes and yes!! Is vodka really optional? Lol, I think it might be a necessary ingredient. I bet champagne would be pretty good too!

    1. haha, Julie! I like it with the vodka, but we usually have kids at our functions too, so we set the bottle next to the punch bowl for people to add it for themselves ;-)

  2. What a fun recipe! Thank you! #client

  3. Hi there.
    Obviously Sherbet is a way different thing where you live. Can you make the 'Sherbet' in your recipe or is it sometimes referred to as something else? It looks slightly like ice-cream or gelato but not as creamy but doesn't look icy enough to be sorbet. Would love to make this...
    Thank you

    1. do you have orange ice cream? that would work :-)

    2. Wow, Annette! I'm interested to see what sherbet is where you live? Love to see differences!

  4. 18 sheets of paper is 'printer-friendly'?! Sheesh :(

    1. Hi Patricia - if you clicked the printer icon under the recipe it would've given you the option to print as much or little as you wanted. The only way it would print 18 pages is if you used the browser printer button (not associated with this website) which will print the full site of whatever you're on. Hope that helps.

  5. Hi! How necessary is the orange sherbet? I'm just trying to simplify since this his for a very large crowd and I'm wondering if it's refreshing enough with just the frozen fruits? Has anyone tried it without the added sherbet?


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