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Whole30, Day 28

I cannot believe I'm already at day 28 of the Whole30.  This program has absolutely flown by.  I know it's about healthy lifestyle changes and not just weight loss, but let's be honest - I want to know my results already!


Banana and black coffee.

Day 28, #whole30 - breakfast (coffee & banana)



Day 28, #whole30 - snack (prosciutto)


Hot dog with mustard, homemade pickles with cherry tomatoes, and blueberries.

Day 28,#whole30 - lunch (blueberries, tomatoes, pickles, hot dog, & mustard)


Trail mix.

Day 28, #whole30 - snack (trail mix)


At the Ikea cafeteria: Roast Chicken and veggies (shared with hubby & baby girl).

Day 28, #whole30 - dinner (ikea cafeteria: roasted chicken & veggies)


Prosciutto & grapes.

Day 28, #whole30 - snack, sort-of... hubs and baby girl did a number my dinner, so this is take 2 (prosciutto)
Day 28, #whole30 - snack (grapes)

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